Staff.Email is a managed email solution for business.

Clients may login to their workspace here.

Workspace is a combination of tools, including; email, calendar, contact manager, file storage and much more.

The benefits of Staff.Email


Easily work from any device, anywhere in the world.

Powered by Google

Trust us when we say, “Google has one of the most advanced computer networks in the world, with multiple points of redundancy.”

Smart Spam Filtering

Advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence are used to battle spam from ever reaching your inbox. Along with Google smarts, we catch 99.9% of spam.

Email Migration

We bring across all your existing emails on to our system. We have migrated hundreds of gigabytes of emails and are certain we can handle yours.

Seamless Implementation

We’ve heard some horror stories of businesses losing email for days and even weeks due to a failed transition. On the other side of the spectrum, we are like a conductor of an orchestra, bringing every instrument in at the exact right moment so the transition is seamless and not a single email is dropped.

Email Administration

We look after each person and their credentials, creating and removing accounts, invoicing, email maintenance and any issues that may arise.

Company-wide Email Signature

Great branding can speak volumes of your business. We have the power to create a company-wide email signature. You can still edit your personal email signature for your name and contact details. This saves time and makes your business look it’s best.